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Then, I will hug some snakes... yes. I will hug and kiss some poisonous snakes.

Last night, I had dreams with snakes. Hundreds of orange and black snakes. I'm not particular frightened of snakes. One could dart out in my path and startle me, but overall, I'm not scared of them. Caveat: by NOT scared, that does not imply I would not be totally freaked out by a rattlesnake, cobra, or cottonmouth in my path. Snakes with fangs and poison are not my favorite kind. I have a healthy sense of apprehension, when it comes to snakes of that caliber. Caveat #2: one snake I am scared of ... Water Moccasins. Those things are evil and sneaky, because they combine the fear of fangs and poison with the fear of "Things that cannot be seen in the depths of the water." ick. Ok, so, snakes, not a scary image for me. However, if you open a closet door and hundreds of orange and black snakes fall out upon you, i don't care how frightened you are of snakes, that's going to freak you out. If suddenly, there is a worldwide plague of orange and black snakes, you are going to be a bit concerned. Even if, to the best of my recollection, nobody had been bitten by one of these snakes. And, if special cameras previously only used by NASA indicated there was a snake as large as all of London living in it's underground tube system, you would find yourself suddenly quite frightened of snakes. I don't even know if we progressed to the point of discovering whether they were python type snakes, or poisony fangious snakes. One thing we did discover ... the reason for all the snakes... the cosmic cause of the plague... the sheer number of different versions of Law and Order on TV. I kid you not. It was Law & Order's fault we were inundated with snakes. Such is the way of dreams. I don't know what happened, with the snakes, after that. I became friends with Meg Ryan and we had to attend the funeral of a small jewish child who had died from some terrible illness. Anne Bancroft was there and we got a terrible case of the giggles. I know... at a funeral... of a child for pete's sake. I didn't say we didn't feel bad.

Note: I do not watch Law & Order. Maybe the fact that there are 15 different flavors of this show on tv, currently, is a good thing. Maybe the world became a better place, once you were pretty much guaranteed to find an episode, new or in syndication, 24/7. On thing's for certain, it's not leading the tv parade of degradation. That would be "reality tv."


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Bwahahahahahahaha! I'm sorry, but I find it incredibly funny that the number of different Law & Order shows was the reason for the snake infestation.

Personally, I really like Law & Order. I've only been watching it for about a year, so even the old episodes are new to me, and it's something to watch, that's somewhat interesting, when nothing else is on.

Yeah, I don't watch much TV.