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Bugs make fine pets: Bees

When I first moved into the Easy Back Apartment, oh.. about 10 years ago, I was petless. And soon I decided that maybe I was mature enough to handle the responsibility of a pet. But what kind to get? At this point, I did not think it was wise to try to get a cat, as it might pester my allergies. [Obviously, I changed my mind about that.] I was researching what type of pet to get. Bunny? Sugar Glider? Chinchilla? Soon, I noticed a small hive like structure on the roof overhang, over my balcony. It was tiny, and around it buzzed three little bees.

"Hello little bees!"
"Would you like to live here with me and be my pets?"
"Awesome! I shall name you... Banjo! And you, I am going to name Butrous. No, just the one Butrous, you are too small for a double Butrous. And finally, you shall be... Babaganoush. Because I like saying it, that's why."

For a few weeks, the bees and I lived happily. I would come home from work and great the bees, ask them about their day. The never seemed threatened by me or behaved aggressively. But one day, I came home... and the hive was GONE!! Now, I lived on the top floor, the only way to get onto my balcony was through my apartment, or to crawl down, precariously, from the roof. Of course, the three bees were gone as well. They had been beeknapped. I waited for a ransom note. I never received anything. Some maintenance main probably thought he'd knock down the hive with a broom from the roof or something.

I mourned their loss. And not long after, I got Phoebe the Bunny aka: The B. Just one B.

Dan, I am so happy that you brought up wasps. Because it gives me the opportunity to share with you the audio of one of my favorite people I don't even know... Eddie Izzard. He shall explain to us the difference between Bees and Wasps. Bees are good. Wasps are fuckers.

Enjoy! I heart Eddie!


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I really am having fun here but how did I get here? Since I have no friggin clue this may be a one time visit, I hope not. Thanks for the Eddie link, he is off teh MFin' chain. So did you take Fastere Pussycat formn the movie or the band. Are you a pussycat doll? No your an insomniac like me. BTW when is comments getting MFin' spell check? You know the Gods give us spell check then take it away when I need it most.Keep it real except for fur.

i got it from the movie. the pussycat dolls must be a fairly recent thing. I don't know how long they have been together, but they show up in my search strings a lot now.

so, no, i am not a pussycat doll. but my mour mour used to call me "doll." Actually, it was "doll baby."

evil deb probably stole the bees to put in her coffee.

aack! bees in your coffee!!

you are so right, fee.

oh i *so* want a pet so i can name it Babaganoush.


you come up with the best names jodi!

So, I'm noticing, the distinct lack of an address for me to ship a few hundred of these damn wasps to... I guess I shall have to continue with trying to convince them that my house is off limits, the neighbors - well.. they can play over there if they want to, just leave my stuff alone!

i think we have established, dan, that wasps are not the same as bees. i do not want any pet wasps as they make nothing. no honey. nothing.

loon, i love that word. just saying it makes me smile.

on mxc, they always name someone babaganoush.

ok, they owe me some money for that idea. because i did it like... 11 years ago.

Once again you have reminded me of an epic Meryn Cadell song. Unfortunately I am nowhere near my music library right now, and despite the fact that I own the CD and the MP3, there is no way to somehow prove that to someone so I can post it. Nor does iTunes have it. Digital music is still a long way from prime time. So, until I return home and audioblog it for you, here is a link to the lyrics. Imagine most of it spoken word, with just the chorus, (the part actually about the bees) sung.


Back from VK - now have access to my music library - here's the link: