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Abandon all high speed hopes

DSL is still down. They have to send out a guy to "check the lines." Of course, I have to be home when he does this, so it's going to be a couple of days. Sorry no jodicam, but as soon as DSL is back, you should get some lovely footage of me playing the sims because my University Expansion Pack for OS X arrived yesterday!! Whooo-hooo! Thea, now a sophomore, made the dean's list. She's majoring in psychology. She's moved out of her dorm and into a house with three other girls. I'm sure there will be pillow fights.

To make up for the lack of jodicam, which, I assure you, is FASCINATING when it is live, I give you a picture of my new, possibly lucky, monkey socks.


I find them delightful. You can fully appreciate them here because they have pink non-slip polka dots on the bottom [which many of my friends will tell you is a much needed safety precaution I've been without] and they make my feet do a little dance.


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Hey. Comments remembered me! My little girl has just announced that she wants socks "just like Jodi." :)

Whoo! No-slip grip monkey socks! Perfect for toddlers, and Jodi's around the world! =)

(Pssst...why did I log into the comments page in french...?)

I have no freaking clue. I was fixing the comments thingy, so it would remember your personal info, should you so choose, and also to get type key back. And now it's in French. I'm guessing it's because I have my dates and times set as French. Which I like because it's trés cosmopolitan, out?

Hey! Just checked out your blog for the first time! Just wanted to say hi, as I am a new blogger, and still evolving! Love the monkey socks!

Im evolving into a sock monkey

Can I de-evolve into the little pokey dots on the bottom? One step forward, two steps back....

Hi chelsea! welcome!

the monkey socks rule. they make me happier than socks should, really. my cousn kirsten is getting some in her xmas stocking. i can say that because i already told her that.

christine, i looked for little girl size monkey socks, but did not see any. :( perhaps they will have them at the sock store at the mall. i know they carry this brand of sock.

wil, you already are my little sock monkey.

and jack, i'll not have you de-evolvng to something people step on! even tho, the little pokey dots are RAD.

Ooohh! Monkey socks! So cool!