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In answer to your questions: Smarties vs. Smarties

In the United States, this is what we call "Smarties."

Smartie Us

In Canada, they call them "Rockets." This is what they call "Smarties."

Canada Smarties

They are like M n' M's only, in my opinion, more sugary tasting. Don't try to get an m n' m blizzard at DQ in Canada, they don't have them. They have Smartie blizzards. In my opinion, they are two very separate candies. Smarties are not m n' m substitutes, they are their own experience.


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The Shrew and I are arguing about this. Of course, it is the sugar TART treats.

nope. they are the quasi-m & ms. of course.

In my part of Europe, Smarties (the Canadian way) have been around longer than M&Ms. M&Ms with peanuts used to be called Treets in the 70s. When they were suddenly supposed to be called M&Ms, they also introduced the version without peanuts. But they're definitely not the same as Smarties.

somedays at work, im given a vat of M&Ms, and asked to sort out the W's

Thank goodness i get to come home to you, :)

Dont tell william

More Canadian wierdness ;)

At least you can still get the US type of smarties under a different name. I think we have a few left around here, post Halloween (used as fillers in the bowl with the GOOD candy).

That alone is reason enough for Bush to invade Canada...

I was always fascinated with the concavity of Smarties - as such, they were a tactile addiction as well as tasty, and I usually ate all of one color at a time, with pink last. The penultimate treat was chocolate Necco Wafers, with Walnettos being the ne plus ultra of my candiliscious world.

smarties and m&m's are different creatures. i was just wondering the other day what american smarties were called in canada, if they existed, since the name smarties is used on the wannabe m&m's. i first discovered the (chocolate) smarties in england and was not impressed.

american smarties are good! classic halloween candies!

rockets, huh? will have to remember that.

While reading this post it reminds of something I have always wondered about, why do Americans claim they have good beer when it is soo close to drinking water, I do not understand why you just do not drink water and save some money.

Or you could try a Canadian beer :-)

i think that Americans are well aware that our beer is weaker in the states, than it is in Canada.

i'm not one to speak on this as I hate beer of all nationalities and would rather drink water no matter what.

We don't really have these problems in Europe as the EU has sorted it all out for us. There is standardised names. Oh Yes there are! For example, chocolate manufactured in the UK does not contain as much cocoa as that manufactured on the continent (particularly Belgium.) Hence chocholate manufactured in the UK can't be called chocolate it has to be called 'family chocolate'.
In France, they manufacture one particular type of beer that comes in stubby little green bottles. It is very weak, but neither tastes like beer or water. In negotiating over the 'family chocolate' issue, the UK has suggested that that beer be called something more akin to its actual taste. How do you say 'pis' in French?

Ha! I googled Smarties for an image and found you. I didn't realize there are no Smarties down there. There should be some type of on-line guide.

Smarties (the Canadian way) are available in Australia too, as well as M'n'M's. The American Smarties, I don't think they have a proper name here but I remember calling them 'fizzies' or something...

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