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A subject more universally understood than World of Warcraft

I do love english muffins. One, because they call themselves "muffins" even though they are not part of what I would, traditionally, consider the muffin family. Cheeky. And, they make the sublime Egg McMuffin possible. (You want to blow your own mind? Make your own egg mcmuffin at home. With cheddar cheese. Good god, that is good eating.)

What I like best of all is the way the english muffin encourages my excesses. No sooner do you touch your knife to the muffin, then the butter disappears into deep crevices. And you have to get MORE BUTTER. More butter = more better, that's just a fundamental truth. Everyone knows that.

Thank you, english muffin! Welcome to my tummy.


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Have you tried crumpets yet? I find they're more accessible in Canada supermarkets than they are are back home. I buy those buggers now instead of English Muffins. Their butter holes are awesome!

Crunchy on top, buttery soft inside, mmmm...

Oh I love me some English Muffins. YUMMY! In fact, I had one this morning. ;-)

Oh English Muffins, how I love thee. And Blueberry Muffins. Wait, those aren't the same thing at all.

I love this post. And English muffins.

Homemade McMuffin: If you spend 30 seconds eating, you will gain 15 Spirit and 15 Stamina for 30 minutes.

I use Australian Toaster Biscuits - they dont have deep holes but they are the Sham-wow of muffins. You could melt a whole stick of butter into one and it would look the same, deceptive little slice of heaven. Slather on abuncha red current jelly, and it's almost orgasmic - you will reach Nirvana.

@Vanwall - yes! Aussie Toaster Biscuits are soooo good. Although, I sometimes go back to good old-fashioned English muffins.

Now I'm hungry. :D

Oh my goodness..Wow..girl I think you may be a writer? Like your blog...love the you can write any 100 things about you in a heart beat. I want to learn that dance. Reading your expression was definitely great and after the week this one was...well let's just say I am grateful

I live at Psyche Connections and would love a visitor. It is actually only a hop and a skip. Hope to see you there. While I do lurk on occassion, I am more into exchanging blog following links. Hope you have an interest.
Wedding Congratulations by the way ( Did you know it is ok to do that at least 3 years?)

Have you ever tried a warm english muffin with peanut butter on it? The peanut butter melts into all the crevices and ... yum! It's the only time I'll ever eat peanut butter.

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