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Important question

I was just watching 60 Minutes and I have an important question. Why don't old men trim their eyebrows when they grow enormous and bushy? I have no idea what Andy Rooney was saying because I was too distracted, unpleasantly so, by the ginormous bushy eyebrows on his face.

Why why WHY??


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I am sending this post to my dad. i think you know why. he thnks only i am disturbed by his eyebrows. "Not so!" I can say, and point to this very blog post as irrefutable (sp?) evidence that i am correct.


It's an affectation, unconsciously done or not. Drives me crazy if mine get even a hint of longish. Lucky we don't live in the old days when the dictum on facial hair was the more the better.

ear hair. don't forget the horrors of ear hair, too.

I think it is because body hair is something men have traditionally come to consider as uncontrollable.

With all the new found male vanity, such unkept hairs won't likely survive the current crop of aging metro-sexuals and hipsters in the coming decades.

On the other hand, maybe you just give up when the rogue hairs start popping up all over the place without warning.

It would be an interesting experiment to see just how long that sneaky nose hair could get if I chose to ignore it.

I'll get back to you.

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