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personne ne met Baby dans un coin


bonjour bÈbÈs digitaux!
so i'm back at work now. well, i've been back since tuesday. and, true to form, i'm completely lost. as far as i was concerned, my job was now to lounge on the couch and read, or sit at my computer and write. oh, and sleep in and eat pumpkin pie. that was my job. and then i came back here. there is no couch in my cube, but there is a bean bag chair. but people keep asking me to do things. asking me questions and wondering when i am going to be able to get to this or get to that. so not a lot of time for writing. and there is no pie anywhere. i have managed to sleep in, more about that later.

but it's not all bad, kids! the most amazing thing happened to my workplace while i was gone. my first day back, i immediately went offsite on a field trip. walked in the door and 15 minutes later was walking back out again. i walked into central services to get a bev for the road and GUESS WHAT!! they've added new soda pop flavors! previously it had been coke, diet coke, caffeine free diet coke, root beer, 7-up regular and diet and ginger ale. well now there is also pepsi and diet pepsi [which i like better than diet coke] and DR. PEPPER and DIET DR. PEPPER!! yes! it's true. after nearly five years here, they finally came to their senses. i think everyone around me is worried that our stock price will go down due to losses felt by the incredible volume of free dr. pepper i will consume. but i'm working on the water thing. so they need not worry. i'll only have a can or two a day. unless it's a bad day. or friday. or monday.

i need to conduct une petite survey for my friend mollymonster. please to tell me if you are a fan of lip balm. and if so, what's your favorite brand. and if you feel like it, you can say why it's your favorite brand. i'm a huge fan of the lip balm. i always have some with me. molly wants to open a little web store. i'm going to be in R&D. maybe R&D&R. research, development and review. but i will probably not really develop anything. so maybe i am just R&R. which is rest and relaxation. which is fine with me! my title is lip balm scientist. i like being a scientist. BACK OFF MAN, i'm a lip balm scientist. so, anyway, please answer my lip balm questions. it will bring you good karma, and i will think happy thoughts on behalf of you as well. thanks for your support.

Who the hell names ANYTHING a Bananarama?


from judes

go to barnes and noble, baby!!

take a look at the icon in the lower right of the page.

well, i bet you are wondering how i did on nanowrimo. truth is, i think iím almost done. of course, the other truth is, after the first 30k, everything started falling apart and i was just typing words for word count sake. i even retold stories from my blog, last night. i stayed up until about 3:30 am. i went back and read a bunch of my old blog entries, and then retold them. part of me feels like iím cheating, because i already wrote those stories. but then, part of me says ìfuck off! so iím using ideas from past stories? they are my words and i am retyping them!î which is true. and nothing comes out the same way when you write it a second time. i can tell you, there is not a single word in my story that did not come from me. as a matter of fact, i am writing this blog entry in my story now. why? because i donít have time to waste words, people! and like i said, the story has pretty much fallen apart. iím ok with that, iím going to continue on with it, but iíve made some changes, and i have some new ideas. iím going to write the whole damn thing, believe me. and iíll probably use some of my stories from the blog, changed to fit into lucyís world. write what you know, right? thatís what life experiences are for.

things iíve learned:

  • i love to write.
  • i want to write for a living.
  • you have to write every day. donít take too many days off in a row, in the middle of a story, youíll lose your flow.
  • as crappy as you think something is, while you write it, when you go back and read it, you find itís not crap at all.
  • characters really do take over the story, and decide what is going to happen. i thought it was cliche, but itís not.
  • just because you donít want any romance in the story, does not mean that lucy is going to listen to you.
  • sometimes, characters change their names halfway through the book.
  • and, again, i love to write. i think that maybe, itís possible, that just maybe i might eventually get to do it for a living. you never know. stranger things have happened.

you know, the first half of the 50k i wrote, for nanowrimo, wasn't all that hard. but this second half. it's hard! it's crap. all the things i thought would happen, are sounding trite and boring. i no longer have the momentum of the 'beginning.' i guess i am working my way to end of the first third of a book. and maybe that's the real tough part. i don't know. i'm spending a lot more time thinking, and less time typing, than i did in the beginning. in the beginning, it was dying to get out.

anyway, not going to be too much updating done, until i finish this thing. sunday night seems awfully soon. and time travels faster when you are vacation, that's a proven fact. you'll hear from me again, when i break 30k.

NaNoWriMo Pep Talk Ch. 4


i love chris, the nanowrimo guy...

"And if you, like me, are somewhere far below 50,000, know that the week of our heroic, come-from-behind victory has officially begun. This is not just something we'll do. It's something we are. We're last-minute writers, quick-witted storytellers, and procrastinating dreamers. Dreamers who are wide awake now, and flying towards the finish line. "

i have more than half of my word count left to write, and it is the last week of nanowrimo. am i insane? yes, i believe i am. for pete's sake, what was i thinking? i guess i was thinking i needed a little pressure.

today is the last day of ramadan, which means that soon, fee will be able to pig out!! like a hungry, vegetarian pig. and, in celebration, all non-muslim americans will pig out on thursday. in a show of religious tolerance. because that's what america's all about right? tolerance. sure. actually, i believe america, and thanksgiving, is all about turkey. for me, it's all about stuffing and pie. i'm in charge of the pies every year. and i think this is due to be one of my good years. every few years, i start to get cocky, and think i've got this pie baking shit down pat. and something bad happens to humble me. last year i decided to forgo the pecan pie, which i don't like anyway, for another family recipe my mom really likes. my grandma loretta's apple cake. it was a disaster!! i don't remember what the cake is supposed to be like... but my cake was mush, and tasted like... paste. the pumpkin pie was fine. but a few years before that, i forgot to put sugar in the pumpkin pie. it tasted like ... again... paste. this year, i'm sticking to the traditional pumpkin and pecan pies. nothing fancy or new. so i should be ok, knock on wood. like i said, i'm due for a year of successful baking, after last years horrific apple cake debacle. if someone wants something else, let them make it themselves. the best part about it is, i'm making one pie for the family and one for me. yummmm... i could live on pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top. [don't say it, fee. i know what you are thinking.]

what does this mean? i don't know... i was just killing time.

Your soul is bound to the Yellow Rose: The

"I've travelled through the land of
surrender and seen it all. I throw my heart
out and keep my head up, and now I travel
through the land of peace."

The Yellow Rose is associated with friendship,
intuition, and fun. It is governed by the
goddess Hestia and its sign is The Intertwined
Rings, or True Friendship.

As a Yellow Rose, you always look out for your
friends. You would much rather have strong
ties with friends than a single tie with a
lover and your devotion to your friends is
clear. You may have great intuition and be
able to read emotions clearly, but sometimes
you can seem distant yourself.

What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To?
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Tonight? We make soap.


i am a product junkie. i admit it. a product, for the sake of this entry, is something one uses on one's skin, body, hair, face... whatever, to make oneself more attractive, or perhaps to look younger. or to make one's hair shinier. or all of the above. i don't include makeup in that category. it has it's own special category called "makeup." i'm less of a makeup junkie. although i do like nail polish. i mostly only wear mascara. but it's good mascara. or should i say bad mascara? anyway, i'm in good company. i was reading another journal today, about The Soap. That's what she called it. The Soap. it's a japanese soap you have to order online, and it's $34. and the thing is, i can believe it. i can believe it's that good, and worth $34 dollars. it's supposed to last 3 months, which is $11 a month. so i'm curious about The Soap, and i do a little reading about it. now i want The Soap. why not? don't i deserve to glow? i think i do. i just know that this Soap could change my life. it could make everything better. but am i buying the Soap? no. because the IRS has stolen all the joy from my life. they keep me from things like fabulous, expensive, japanese soap. bastards.

speaking of soaps, here's another one i love. this one's for the entire you, and it's absolutely delightful. it's chocolate milk soap. it's french. or at least half the label is in french, so maybe it's canadian, i don't know. it makes my regular liquid shower soap feel like gas station restroom hand soap. i can't describe it, it's just so ... rich and creamy. the chocolate scent is very very subtle. and it comes in other "flavors" all of them in a glass milk bottles, pump sold separately. but it's $27 a bottle. so it's not my every day soap. it's my couple times a week soap. my "sunday night too bad i have to go back to work i need a treat" soap. maybe if i am good, santa will bring me another bottle of chocolate milk soap for christmas. i can just see santa, in the guise of my mom, Pattie, saying to herself "twenty seven dollars? FOR SOAP?" best we don't tell santa pattie about the other Soap.

one thing the irs cannot take away from me is my girl shanti. shanti does my eyebrows. she used to wax more of me, but those luxuries were sacrificed as well. all i know, is things better be looking up by late spring, i am NOT going to shave my legs all summer. however, the irs can do a lot of things to me, but they cannot make me give up the brow wax. never underestimate the power of a well groomed eyebrow people. it makes all the difference in the world. more difference, i imagine, than any japanese soap. not that i would know. *pout*

i saw shanti this morning, got my brows done. they look fabulous. before i left the house, i read some ¸berblog entries. my friends had written about their ecological concerns, maximizing benefits while reducing costs, building communities of like-minded people and spiritual quests to shed the ego. [i haven't figured out, yet, what that means, i'll let you know when kam explains it to me.] and what do i post about? expensive Products.

god i love being shallow.

oh you KNOW i'm procrastinating now... i just spent an hour researching robot exclusion files. i have now told all spiders and web crawlers to BUZZ OFF. no more sneaking around, looking for links and email addresses. ya bastards.

i'm on vacation!! i'm on vacation!!

you know, i was thinking about it, and i cannot remember the last time i had a solid week off. i think it was last christmas. i've been taking days here and there, but i haven't had a whole week off. i'm even taking an extra day, monday dec. 1st. i marked out this PTO time in august. i've been waiting forever to be on vacation. and i worked my tail off today, getting my list of to-do's done. which is good, because people were starting to comment on the tail.

so, lots of writing to be done this week. gotta put my nose to the grindstone. or, as dr. stevil and i decided, i have to put my nose to the rhinestone. because that sounds prettier. so instead of writing, i came home and added a Currently Reading booklist like loon's. i've always been jealous of her. i want to be just like her if i grow up. not when. if.

and, in other news, louise set up her blog. you should go over there and look at the pretty jewelry she makes. such an artist!! i'm hoping she soon puts up pictures of her newly adopted cats. one's name is fred, and the last i heard, the other one's name might be daphne. her website is called vratch, but i can't remember what that means. i'm going to link to it anyway!!

everything does not suck..


for all those nanowrimo participants, who are a little discouraged about their word counts... for all those people who are upset that today is thursday, and not friday... for all those people who bought a mini pizza for lunch, trusting that it was as it was labeled to be, only to find black olives all over it.... for those who are not eating during daylight hours and may be feeling a little lightheaded... for those who are taking classes, and have assignments that are keeping you from slacking off... for those of you who have to deal with RV owners... and for those of you who are just feeling a bit sluggish, or blue....

this song is for you

why can't they all get along.


ok, i am officially NOT enjoying the ruckus on the ff site anymore. it's become icky and uncomfortable. blech.

bad blogger. i tried to update like three times today. and it all came out CRAP. i was very uninspired today. i did write a whole lot of wrimo at lunch either. i'm at 22,308 words. when last we left lucy, well, when last you left lucy, she was getting drunk at a family dinner, and on her way to true depression. she's had some adventures. she's bought some more pajamas, that's all she wears now. one pair of pajama pants has monkeys holding bananas on them. and, she won't go anywhere without stanley, she keeps him stuffed in her grey hoodie. she's spent an interesting and hopefully amusing, afternoon at unemployment. and she's visited, and rejected, her first therapist. there's more, of course, but them's the highlights. hilarity is ensuing. there's no way this story will be finished at 50k. which is good. because 50k is not a true novel. a real novel is usually 3x's that or more. but, i will have 50k done by nov. 30th. failure is not an option. there is no try, only do.

there is a write in on the eastside tonight. and i should go, because i'm guarenteed to write more if i get out of the house. except, i don't really want to. because i'm home now. and i'm comfy. and it's angel night. and, while i could go write until nine, getting home in time to have enough tivo'd to skip commercials... i'm already hoooooome. it's comfy here. i could have cheerios for dinner. i like cheerios. besides, the fremont write in is tomorrow, and i will probably go to that.

i think i've pretty much made up my mind, don't you?

there's a bit of a catfight going on, over at the fanfiction group i belong to. i find it amusing because it has nothing to do with me, and is, in no way, directed at me. i root for no particular side. i just enjoy a good flame. the only one i feel bad for is the girl who's actions started it all. she was just being helpful and gracious. but i emailed her and told her she didn't' do anything wrong. and i'm sure several other people did as well. so that leaves me free to sit back and enjoy the ruckus. i enjoy a good ruckus... don't you, blue? ;)

fee, kam, elle and liloo multisuck and i had nice chatty emails back and forth all day. it was just like the old days. it was fun!!

cheerios are calling my name!!

massachusettes is all about the love, baby! congratulations, massachusettes on your forward thinking. and for recognizing all types of love.

that's bitchen.

hey... look at that! i'm usually depressed!


Your medieval name is: Lisolette. Quiet and artsy,
you're different from the crowd. You have a
taste in music or art and are sometimes
depressed and private. You're naturally lovely.

What is your Medieval name?
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sung to the tune of copacabana


her name is lola
she is a nissan
with purple dice hangin' on the mirror
and a jedi knight sitting in the rear

but she was taken
jodi was mistaken
she came downstairs to find no car
she couldn't travel very far

she had to stay home all day
because she forgot to pay
she lost her comfort cruiser and she lost her dignity, her ride had slipped away!

for the cruiser, the princess comfort cruiser, leather seats and transportation,
a sparkling golden creation, ride in lola..... she'll get you there.

there was a car loan
that the bank did own
they hadn't seen any money
they didn't think that was funny

in desperation
trying to avoid the bus station
jodi called them on the phone
and promised to atone

at first they said no way
and then they said okay
who knows what made them change their minds at b of a!

for the cruiser, the princess comfort cruiser, leather seats and transportation,
a sparkling golden creation, ride in lola..... she'll get you there.

now they're together
cruisin' around forever
jodi's glad to have her back
grateful the bank cut her some slack

jodi will go for a ride
and wax her car with pride
and the next time she forgets to pay she'll remember to hide...

the cruiser, the princess comfort cruiser, leather seats and transportation,
a sparkling golden creation, ride in lola..... you'll fall in love.